About Us

Few things in life move people the way sports do.

Apostrophe is a Sports Content Consultancy that connects athletes, teams, sponsors, clubs, leagues/events and brands with the great Indian sports fans across consumption platforms.
We create disruptive marketing opportunities through relevant content formats for anyone willing to leverage traditional (PR, TV, Radio), new (online, digital social) and live media to their advantage.
From capsuling historic insights with a fresh spin to suggesting engaging concepts, our strength lies in crafting, producing and marketing high quality content that improves visibility for our clients.
We love all sports equally. Whether it is Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabbadi, Tennis, Badminton or national/ international leagues, we churn out innovative content that sparks debates, engages and excites the great sports enthusiasts.

Our Work


  • Video/Television Content
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Online Media
  • Social Media - Twitter
  • Social Media - Facebook

Video/Television Content

Video is the most impactful medium of content delivery and the most challenging as well. We stay relevant & refreshing by conceiving the content from the consumer’s perspective. Our production quality does full justice to the concept with rich audio and visual quality.

In fact, we have even coined the term SPORTUMENTARY for recapturing the great sporting moments in a compelling storytelling format.



Printing and publishing demands an intriguing, factual and ‘no nonsense’ writing approach. Our teams of seasoned sports writers back their content with an in-depth research. Our contributions get featured in newspapers, magazines and sports journals.  
Our dedicated teams manage content for our digital media clients in form of blogs and social media calendars.



Radio is one of the most powerful media to deliver sports content as you can sense the sentiments almost instantly. We create content that entertains true to the medium and also plugs in live interactions.

The idea is to keep it fresh, relevant and exciting for the audience. We seamlessly fuse sports bytes into conversations, RJ mentions, public polls, sports trivia and Athlete capsules. We come up with special show formats and keep music at the heart of all that we do on radio.


Online Media

Sports fans today are armed with their HD phones, tablets and 4G connections. We are hands on with blogs, websites, RSS feed and the diverse multi-media consumption patterns of the ‘always online’ generation.

They are not just reading, watching and listening but also discussing, debating, reacting and sharing the content we churn out.
We keep up with their pulse and jive in their vibe to stay relevant and conversation worthy.
In fact, we know exactly what will make them tick and what will trigger a reaction.


Social Media - Twitter

Social media content marketing comes with great responsibility. You could end up trending for the wrong reasons if you’re not cautious.

Our seasoned Twitter experts lend their witty take in 140 characters to keep our clients relevant to the sporting scene. We connect our clients to their fans directly with relevant interactions. And we ride on relevant opportunities to participate in trending topics on behalf of the accounts we manage.


Social Media - Facebook

Facebook is perhaps the friendliest platform to connect with your audience and get them to like you, literally. We manage Facebook pages and handles on behalf of our clients and keep their fans engaged.

Our team keeps an eye on the trends and updated features to leverage it to the advantage of the sports team, clubs and athletes we represent.
We keep the fans engaged and entertained with sneak peak into the life and events of the athletes. Live videos during league tours, victorious moments, straight from the heart talks and personal point of views of the athletes once in a while on trending topics do the trick.


OUR Clients

Digital Media



Connect with us if you’re looking for sports content creation or a sports relevant association with brands, sponsors, athletes, events, leagues or clubs. And we will transcend your need in effective and engaging plan of action.

Thank you for contact us.