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Few things in life move people the way sports do.

to produce sports content that gets big hits: gets people talking, debating, sharing and re-visiting for more. How do we this? We give our audience a fresh take every time, not just the same play but concepts that get them excited. Cricket, football, hockey, tennis, Olympics and every other sport and sporting event that appeals to the great Indian sports fan, we have a new spin.

At the core of Quba Media Works is a simple belief. When sports can stir people so deeply, sports content too can strive to shake them into conversations, debates and sharing. That’s why we aim to produce sports content that jumps, skips and scores well with our audience; gets them talking, debating, sharing and re-visiting for more. We seek to create content that is not just about sports and play, but about fresh concepts that engage, involve and excite the great sports fan

The love of sport is impossible to deny. Quba Media Works is a leading sports technology, data and content company that specialises in providing content support for websites, television, apps and publications. We are passionate about delivering an engaging content experience to sports fans all over the world. And we want to revolutionize the way sports contests are viewed, understood and enjoyed. Our calling card consists of real-time scores, concept-driven offerings, historical sports information, events and more-for clients and partnerships with companies, brands and sports organizations from across the world.

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Video &Television

Today, video works like little else - and content packaged with a concept gets it bang on target. Starting from script right down to every detail of production, our team gets the pitch just right. Discovering the best way to treat content conceptually is where our team is ready for the game.


On laptops in coffee shops, on phones on the go - people are reading sports online in droves. Blogs, websites, they are there reacting, talking, arguing. And we know the exact buttons to push to get them all keyed up and ready to catch.


Our social media management skills keep audiences engaged, and are wide enough to keep them coming back for more. Our team gauges the trends and knows what content to friend and unfriend to build social communities. In short, we know what it takes to be liked on Facebook


Twitter is short, witty and instant – and lends a different dimension to relationships in the online social space. Our teams handle Twitter accounts with an eye to become part of trending handles, phrases and profiles. The key is to think fast and act faster. And having a dedicated team for Twitter helps us provide reach to the accounts we handle.


The buzz of radio is perhaps at its loudest ever, and in the melee, customised content is the key to radio success. So we mix music and sports, throw in a good host track and get you to ride high on the air waves.


Print demands in-depth writing. And readers demand connect. Our team of writers research the subject before they write, and write after they feel the subject. We contribute to newspapers, magazines, journals and corporate newsletters, on everything from sport to travel. Our aim is to make our writing talk.

Further, we create digital content in other popular fields including Bollywood and regional films, for leading Indian mobile companies like Contakt Tech, Osiyan, Sumaaya and Matrubhasha. All of this amazing content is available as a raw feed or in ready-to-deploy formats and is offered in the form of innovative concepts or events.

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Sports is our purest passion.So you can expect a gripping solution from Apostrophece for any media platform.

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